Love you in your 20s

Have you just entered your golden 20s or have you been here a long time? Whether you're in your early, late or mid-20s, you're probably interested in how your age will show through your skin. The skin never lies.

Prevent, prevent, prevent..

Everyone's skin will age, and there's nothing wrong with that! However, instead of waiting another decade to invest in yourself and your skin, when collagen and elastic fibers are already inhibited and lines have deepened, you can choose to prevent now. "Prevention" is the key word to provide your skin with the best conditions as it matures and naturally experiences reduced elasticity, loss of collagen, elastin, and fibers.

A good, quick, and sensible 3-step skincare routine can help your skin protect itself from today's invisible enemies. We are referring to the accumulation of free radicals, commonly known as pollution. While we can't see pollution in the air as we navigate through morning traffic, our skin is constantly exposed to environmental influences. The stress on the skin may not show immediately, but it can manifest in the form of lines and lackluster skin in a few years. It's easy to overlook these concerns when you still appear young, but that's only because the damage hasn't surfaced yet.


It's YOUR time

A skincare routine doesn't need to involve 12 steps to provide visible and reasonable results. You can easily stick to a 3-step routine that simply works. In the evening, after your skin has been with you all day and has endured makeup, sweat, and dirt, it's important to follow a sensible skincare routine. If you think it's time-consuming, remember that it's something you do for yourself, and only for yourself. Put on a good podcast or series, and give your skin your undivided attention.


3-step routine for the evening:

Start with a mild yet effective facial cleanser, followed by a Micellar 3in1 (toner) to remove drying limescale residue and add moisture. Finish with a night cream containing potent active ingredients and allow it to work overnight. This routine doesn't have to take more than 5 minutes.


3-step routine for the morning:

It is equally important to cleanse your skin in the morning after a good night's sleep, as the skin accumulates bacteria and dirt overnight. Additionally, washing off the residual night cream, which forms a moist film on the skin, is advantageous. After cleansing and using Micellar 3in1 (toner), complete your morning routine with a day cream rich in antioxidants to form a protective barrier, allowing your skin to face the day.


Tip: You can choose to sleep on a silk pillowcase to allow your pores to breathe, reduce friction against the skin, and minimize the accumulation of bacteria in your bedding.

For you in your 20s

Here is our recommendation for a sensible morning and evening routine


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Bonus: Avoid the harsh UV rays

The sun provokes cell changes in your skin, which inhibits the skin's natural repair process. The rays break down a significant amount of collagen, which accelerates the skin's aging process. It is therefore important to avoid too much sun in the 20s. Most of us are looking for "the summerglow", which the sun usually gives us.

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