8 tips til bæredygtig hudpleje

8 tips for environmentally friendly skin care routines

At LYKKEGAARD, we cherish an everyday life, with sustainable skin care at the fore. It can be difficult to find out which products to use if you want to take care of your skin and at the same time have health in mind. If you as a consumer make your skin care routine more environmentally friendly, you are doing something good for yourself, your skin and the planet.

At LYKKEGAARD, we have collected a number of sustainable advice, tips and tricks for how you as a consumer can make your daily skin care routine much more sustainable.

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1. Remember to be critical when it comes to your skin care

As a consumer in a world of an enormously large selection in skin care, it is important to be critical of all the different products that are on the shelves and that are sold online.

At LYKKEGAARD, we have made it easy because our vision is to be as transparent as possible, so that you, as a customer, can always see which ingredients are in the various products. In addition, it is also made easy and clear which certifications the products have and what the products do for you and your skin.

2. Go for Swan-labelled skin care products

The Nordic Ecolabel is a good indicator to look for if the product does not have other certifications that indicate that the product is healthy and safe to use on your skin and is environmentally friendly.

The Nordic Ecolabel is your guarantee that the product you have your eyes on is free of unnecessary chemicals and potential hormone-disrupting substances that appear on the EU's list of exactly this.
LYKKEGAARD ​​has a large number of selected products which are certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and which guarantee the above.
Find our products here: LYKKEGAARD ​​Faceline & LYKKEGAARD ​​Bodyline

3. Environmentally friendly packaging

When it comes to makeup, skin care and general beauty product packaging, there are many layers of packaging. It is therefore important when you, as a consumer, would like to go for the more sustainable choices, look at how the individual products are packaged and whether the packaging is made of recycled material. In addition, the products can also be made from clean materials, which are therefore easier to sort through waste.

Products that consist of many types of plastic and several 'layers' are difficult to recycle. This is also the reason why many companies have started to use packaging and wrapping in recycled materials.

At LYKKEGAARD, we naturally use packaging that is recycled and reusable. In addition, we collaborate with the organization One Tree Planted. This means that we give back to nature for every product that we sell.

4. Look at minimizing consumption of cotton swabs made of plastic and cotton swabs

When removing makeup, it is a really good idea to avoid plastic cotton swabs and cotton pads, as they are some of the biggest culprits when it comes to environmental impact. It is both bad for the marine environment when the products end up in nature, but also because cotton is most often grown in conventional agriculture, which uses an incredible amount of pesticides.
Both things have a major negative effect on both the climate and people. Instead, it is an option to use crocheted cotton pads or reusable cotton pads. If you still cannot do without the regular cotton pads, you can use our MICELLAR 3in1 Face Tonic on a cotton pad and place it on the eye so that it softens the mascara. Thereby, it is only necessary to use one cotton swab.

5. Choose organic when possible

When you as a consumer buy your skin care products, it is a big advantage to choose organic. When you choose organic and buy organic products, you can be absolutely sure that the products have been manufactured and produced with regard to you and the environment. LYKKEGAARD's products are Ecocert certified, and this is a good benchmark to follow when it comes to choosing your organic skin care products.

6. When you throw away your empty packaging, keep waste sorting in mind

Remember to have the waste sorted correctly when you have used up your products. Your empty bottles and packaging are valuable resources, so if you sort your rubbish according to the book, the bottles and empty packaging will thus get a new lease of life. All LYKKEGAARD ​​products are made from recyclable materials, so if these are properly sorted, the materials can be used again and again.

7. Make sure you only buy the products you will use up

All the things we buy have an impact on CO2 emissions. Therefore, it is important that you consider how much you consume and what size products you need when you buy new ones. So when you buy your products, consider how much you need for yourself or your family, so that the products don't just stand there. Products that are organically certified and eco-friendly products that contain various organic oils and other ingredients do not last as long as products that are not produced organically. All the products at LYKKEGAARD ​​are organic and with several different certifications, and therefore careful consideration has been given to how much our products contain. It is important to us at LYKKEGAARD ​​that the products do not go to waste and thus contribute to excessive and unnecessary CO2 emissions.

8. Buy locally and support Danish producers

When you buy your skin care products in Denmark, you indirectly ensure that you emit less CO2, because the goods do not have to be transported very far, and thus do not have to be by plane, ship, etc.

As a consumer who buys skin care products from LYKKEGAARD, you are assured that all our products are Danish produced and thus comply with all the strict rules in Danish legislation and the EU's requirements for what the various products may contain. You can also read much more about the initiatives LYKKEGAARD ​​uses here , as well as what has driven the company in the sustainable direction here .
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