My story

My name is Mette Lykkegaard and I have always been very keen on using healthy and functional beauty products, and that my children have also had healthy and sustainable options.

At the age of 28 and a law student in Aarhus, I was diagnosed with cancer . I was of course scared out of my wits, especially when I found out that the cancer was not hereditary but caused by external factors. At this point it dawned on me how much damage seemingly harmless products that I put on my body every day could do.

In the following years, I trained as a lawyer with the right to appear before the Supreme Court, where I have expert knowledge in my specialist areas such as includes environmental law and equal treatment.

During this period I was pregnant 7 times , but only became the mother of four healthy children, including a pair of twins.

Despite my work as a lawyer, an idea blossoms between my husband and I to set a new, ground-breaking direction in natural hair care. We travel the world and talk about ecology, certifications, ingredients and the Scandinavian way of life with our company NATULIQUE .

We both work full time on our business, which is growing bigger and bigger. We manufacture and sell organic and natural hair and scalp products to salons globally and continue to do so to this day. We love our collaboration with professional professionals from all over the world, including beauticians and skin specialists. They are passionate and dedicated.

My background and knowledge of guidelines and safety assessments of cosmetic products comes into daily use in my work, and my professional ballast is indispensable when navigating the cosmetics industry's legislation.

All this forms the basis for LYKKEGAARD ​​– a brand which is relatively new, but the idea, vision and experience go back a long way. Therefore, it makes us the easy choice if you are looking for a transparent, genuine and healthy brand - from the outside in - which will go the extra mile for you and the environment.

Founder, Mette Lykkegaard