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AUTUMN - How to take extra good care of your skin in autumn

Autumn guide: How to take extra good care of your skin 

Autumn has truly arrived, and in the cold and wet months it's not just the mind that prepares for winter; the body and skin also prepare for the cold weather change.

"The harsh autumn wind can cause your skin to become dry, sensitive and irritated."

Because when the temperature and humidity drop, it becomes hard for the skin to produce natural fats, and therefore it is necessary to step up extra for good skin care.

Fall is the season for self-love

Autumn is the season of self-love, we retreat and give ourselves space for calm and reflection. Many people find it meditative to have a skin care routine, because when you care for and nourish the skin, you also care for the mind and get renewed energy. In these cold times, there are many good reasons why you can pamper yourself with a clear conscience. So step up the self-pampering and take extra care of your skin with us.

LYKKEGAARD's guide to a good autumn routine

At LYKKEGAARD, we have prepared a guide so that you can take extra good care of your skin in the cold months.

Increase the moisture - The dry and delicate autumn skin is due, among other things, to the summer's long exposure to UV rays, which inhibit the skin's natural production of fats. Therefore, it is extra important that you help your skin by adding a lot of moisture.

Here you will find our suggestions for a good autumn routine, which your skin will thank you for:

  1. First, the skin is cleansed with our REFRESHING Facial Cleansing Foam. Thanks to the combination of two ingredients, REFRESHING Facial Cleansing Foam has antioxidant properties that effectively fight dirt and other residues from air pollution. Read more about REFRESHING Facial Cleansing Foam here.

  2. After cleansing your skin, apply ANTI-POLLUTION Protective Face Cream, which is our warrior product. With ingredients such as burdock, Nordic oats and mulberry extract remover, the cream protects the skin from accumulations from pollution and leaves your skin silky soft and well cared for. Read more about ANTI-POLLUTION Protective Face Cream here.

  3. To give skin the extra moisture it needs, apply CALMING Hydration Facial Oil. Our face oil is especially suitable for those times when you want to give your skin a little extra soothing care. With its large amount of nourishing ingredients, the facial oil supplies important nutrients to the skin. Your skin will reward you with a healthy, radiant glow. Read more about CALMING Hydration Facial Oil here .

  4. End your day by applying the Revitalizing Moisture Night Cream. While you sleep and rest your body, Revitalizing Moisture Night Cream goes to work. This product nourishes and moisturizes the skin at night. Read more about Revitalizing Moisture Night Cream here .

The combination of these 4 products gives your skin the extra care it needs. You can buy these products individually or buy the entire Luxury Skin Care Set here.


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