Dear you in your 40s+

Skin never forgets, and it will show your treatment of it well into your 40s and beyond. Now you really need to prioritize your vitamins and help your skin on its way so that it can increase the production of collagen. Your cleansing routine is crucial to the effectiveness of your creams and serums, so it should be a high priority.

Thorough cleansing and power vitamins

In your 40s, the skin's cell renewal slows down, leading to reduced elasticity and decreased hyaluronic acid. This results in less flexibility and looser skin. You can assist your skin by adding moisture and vitamins manually, which stimulate collagen and estrogen production, contributing to skin tightening.

If you haven't already, we highly recommend introducing oils that are rich in vitamins to your skincare routine, especially vitamins A and C. Vitamin A supports the cells responsible for elastin and collagen production, while vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that promotes a more even skin tone, strengthens the skin, and reduces fine lines. Our face oil consists solely of nourishing oils, packed with vitamins such as avocado oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, and apricot oil.

We understand that a skincare routine can be overwhelming for the modern woman, but remember that it's something you do for yourself, and only for yourself. Put on a good podcast or series and give your skin your undivided attention. It should only take 5-10 minutes.


Your evening routine: Effective absorption of vitamins

A good cleansing routine is crucial to ensure that the creams and oils required by mature skin can penetrate effectively. Begin the routine with a mild yet effective foaming facial cleanser that removes pollutants, sweat, and dirt, and then rinse it off. Follow with a face toner to eliminate drying limescale, balance the skin's pH value, and provide moisture. Hydrate mature skin with the Age Gracefully Hyaluronic Acid Power Cream, which contains potent ingredients to reduce fine lines and add moisture. Once the face cream has settled, gently dab a few drops of the vitamin-rich and lightweight Facial Oil onto your face with your hands, allowing it to absorb peacefully.


Your 3-step morning routine: Cleanse and protect

It is also crucial to cleanse your skin in the morning after a restful night's sleep, as the skin has already accumulated bacteria and dirt. Additionally, washing off the remaining night cream, which may still leave a moist film on the skin, is beneficial. After cleansing and toning, complete your morning routine with a day cream packed with antioxidants to create a protective barrier, enabling your skin to face the day. Throughout the day, we highly recommend using the Anti-Pollutive cream, as its primary function is to form a protective layer on the skin against external influences, including free radicals, wind, and weather. You can find more information about it under the the 20s section.

Tip: Consider sleeping on a silk pillowcase to allow your pores to breathe, reduce friction against the skin, and minimize bacteria accumulation in your bedding. Remember to get enough sleep and stay hydrated by consuming an adequate amount of fluids.


For you who are 40+

Here is our recommendation for a routine that focuses on cleansing and strengthening the skin with vitamins and retanol


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Bonus: Plenty of antioxidants to protect your skin from pollution

If you want the full routine, we recommend that you use our Anti-Pollutive day cream in the morning after cleansing and Micellar3in1 (toner). This day cream is packed with antioxidants to form a light, protective barrier so your skin can face the day again. You must continue to use Age-Gracefully and Facial Oil in the evening.

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