5 good skin tips to achieve cleaner skin 🤍

Why should I cleanse my skin?

– The risk of clogged pores is reduced

- The skin ages more slowly, as i.a. accumulations of pollution are removed

- The active ingredients in your skin care products are absorbed more easily on clean skin

- The make-up will go on better and last longer

Wash with lukewarm water

Wash the face with lukewarm water , approximately the same temperature as the body (37.5 degrees), as too hot water dries out the skin and disrupts the natural protective function → increased sensitivity and burst blood vessels. Cold water, on the other hand, constricts the skin's pores, so that the skin is not cleaned optimally.

Cleanse the skin twice daily

Cleanse the skin twice a day, both morning and evening. The skin becomes dirty during the night, as it i.a. has secreted sweat and sebum and still carries remnants of the products of the night.

In the evening, you must clean the skin again after a day of pollution, dust, makeup, bacteria, sweat and dead skin cells.

Change the pillow cover

Change your pillowcases regularly. As I said, the skin secretes a lot of waste products during the night, which we lie on top of for many hours every night. In addition, other bacteria can also accumulate in the pillowcase, which will increase the risk of unclean skin. The pillow cover must therefore be changed as often as possible.

Cleanse with tonic

Use the Micellar 3in1 Face Tonic twice, both before and after cleansing the skin. The advantage of this 3in1 face tonic is that it both removes make-up, cleans and moisturizes the skin. Therefore, it must be used before cleansing to remove the day's makeup. When the skin has then been washed with a cleansing product, a drying limescale will form on the skin, which the face tonic removes together with the remains of the cleansing product. The skin is therefore left hydrated, 100% cleansed and refreshed.

Use a peeling

Use a face scrub once or twice a week. A peel should be used by everyone who wants to keep their skin clear and fresh. By massaging the surface of the skin with small grains, the skin's dead skin cells and other coatings will be removed. At the same time, the blood circulation will automatically be started, thereby leaving the skin clear, smooth, soft and warm. By removing the dead skin cells, the absorption of the subsequent skin care products is also improved.