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The ILLUMINATING Self Tan Mitt is the perfect match for the ILLUMINATING Exclusive Self Tan Foam! It is a soft glove that effortlessly distributes the self-tanner on the body without leaving spots or streaks. The mitt can be used on both hands, as the product can be applied to both sides. You can then switch between your hands when applying the self-tanner to the body, ensuring an even result. Purchase the self-tanning glove together with our ILLUMINATING Self Tan Foam, and you will have everything you need to achieve the most natural and radiant glow.




Press the appropriate amount of ILLUMINATING Exclusive Self Tan Foam onto the mitt and spread the product evenly over the body. Feel free to switch hands if there are areas that are difficult to reach with one hand. Then just apply the self-tanner to the other side of the mitt. Wash the mitt after use.


Disse produkter har været gennem en lang rejse, før de lander i dit toiletskab. Og de kommer ligeledes på en rejse, efter du har brugt dem op. Vi har, i samarbejde med vores certificeringer, sørget for at når du køber LYKKEGAARD produkter, så har du allerede truffet et valg om at gøre noget bedre for miljøet. Størstedelen af vores produkter er, hvor det var muligt, skabt af genanvendt materiale. Det er et valg vi har truffet, fordi vi havde et brændende ønske om at gøre endnu mere end det var påkrævet. Dette sidste step ligger i dine hænder: når du har opbrugt hver en dråbe af fantastiske ingredienser fra vores produkter, så kan du give emballagen nyt liv ved at putte det i skraldespanden for genanvendelse.

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Meet Mette

"With over 20 years of experience in the field of natural and certified care, I have gathered all my knowledge and spread it over LYKKEGAARD's product line. I have put the health of your skin and the planet first with this exclusive series. Don't just take my word for it , find security in your best friend, the certifications listed on our recyclable packaging"

– Founder, Mette Lykkegaard

Mette has been through a course of cancer as a young person, which was the starting point for her fight for healthy and sustainable well-being...

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